Jun 1

We need your OPINIONS!

This is a photo I took of a Dominique Rooster named Oscar. I love the picture, but Melkorka thinks his expression looks menacing and I think he looks proud. What do you think?

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3 Comments on “We need your OPINIONS!”

  1. Erin of Rockland Creative

    13 June 2007 | # 1

    I would say he looks more cocky…

    By the way, I’ve started a blog – though it’s not half so much fun as either of yours yet. :) Keep up the good work with Sheepdog and your sites.

  2. Dan

    15 June 2007 | # 2

    Yeah, I’d go with confident and cocky too…

  3. Linda

    19 July 2007 | # 3

    Great photo. He looks proud and cocky but, hey, he’s a rooster!