Mar 31

Much to do about pay walls

Rupert Murdoch is putting his papers under a pay wall. His decision was met with scathing remarks from internet blogs, one was particularly vitriolic penning a blog post entitled: “Rupert’s pathetic pay wall,” where the author argued that Mr. Murdoch had surrendered and was not interested in building online advertising solutions. I think this is unfair, granted it is a big gamble and could fail but, the fact remains that while print advertising dollars have dried up, brands have not committed their ad dollars wholeheartedly online. In fact, everyone seems to be waiting to see where the chips fall. While we wait to see if online content can be monetized newspapers are hemorrhaging and journalism as we know it is dying.

What I find curious is, if other industries have made the leap to digital sales with great success why can’t print journalism? Consumers seem to be willing to buy digital songs via ipod, and digital books via kindle, so why not digital newspapers and digital magazines? If digital print publications can be made more reasonable with attractive ads why can this not be a viable alternative? Why should journalistic content be free when we buy digital books and music?

Could the iPad make pay walls, and subscriptions to digital magazines viable?

Yes, it could. iPods made digital purchases of music main stream and kindle almost single-handedly saved the publishing industry, I foresee a similar role for the iPad. Could the iPad revolutionize how we view and pay for print media? It could, it is BIGGER and there is more room for advertising and more space for content. I foresee a time when pay walls,and online advertising finds a place in our mobile lifestyle and where we are willing to subscribe and read content that is payed by our subscriptions and advertising dollars.

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