Apr 21

Facebook wants to take over the world but this could be a very good thing…

When giving advice to farmers and brands about how to engage potential costumers online Facebook is always part of my strategy. For farmers, it is particularly useful, and can make connections between you and your customers more meaningful and most importantly more profitable. The best analogy I have is that we no longer watch TV or read print publications we FACEBOOK. My mom is now a junkie and has been connecting with long lost friends. It is changing how we live and how we interact with content and if your farm has a page your feed and news become a subliminal advertisement. Not only do you benefit from the goodwill inherent in being a family farmer you get the chance to speak to the American consumer in an unprecedented way. The field has become a bit more level—the small farm can compete against the Cargills of the world even if it is only on a social media platform like Facebook. Will this last? I do not know, and with Facebook’s recent announcement that it will integrate other platforms into their new “like” system their web domination seems to be in the cards.

From the Silicon Beat:

“Facebook Connect, announced at the last f8, has been a killer for Facebook, making it the default sign in for millions of websites. Facebook is going to expand on that, creating a kind of super Facebook connect that makes sites more social for users without them actually even needing to sign in.”

Where will Facebooks domination take us? This could mean good things for artisan producers and entrepreneurs because we seem to fair far better than larger brands on social networks. I think it will first profit Facebook but it would be nice if we could make this work for us in the mean time.

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