Feb 25

New Facebook Page Features

Facebook is in the process of unveiling their newly updated Facebook pages and if you are an organization, farm or brand using a Facebook page you should be pretty excited. We are!

The new feature “use Facebook as” gives you the ability to like and comment on other organization’s pages. However, it does not allow you to talk on your fan’s personal pages. This is a great improvement and makes interacting on Facebook an effective way of introducing your page through interactions, comments and likes.

This is especially powerful for small boutique brands and farms. I had been recommending that farmers use their personal pages to network but now with the new features you can extend your brand off your page and join the conversation. This makes Facebook pages more like twitter and can make finding like-minded fans and potential customers and clients easier.

There are some complaints of coarse, and unfortunately Facebook, takes a while to address these issues but I think the future of the webpage might be in a Facebook page where content is ever-changing and less concrete.

With new and more reliable shopping cart functions, selling on your Facebook page could become the next step. All very exciting, and if your business does not have a Facebook page. Why are you waiting? Do it!

Some more social media tips for farmers and small brands!

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