Jan 31

SPD Shortcode Slider

I needed a slider that would require little maintenance or upkeep and could be added easily into client’s themes. Building a slider using featured images and generated by queries allows the slider to be updated automatically when new content hits the website (instead of the client having to also update slides independently).

I also wanted the slideshows to be controlled by shortcodes only – that way I would not have to check BOTH the options and the shortcodes to see what layouts or queries were being used – I would only need to check the template tag in whatever template I was editing. This also allows each slider instance to be independent – ( and does not require any options to be saved or tables built).

I also wanted a slider that supported custom post types, page excerpts, using featured images, and having the option of using media setting image sizes OR creating my own custom image sizes. Depending on the themes complexity or client needs there are pluses to both. (A client may want to be able to set the image sizes through their media settings, or they may have so many image sizes they need another custom one)

For Demo please see demo page here.

You can find the plugin here.

If you notice any issues or bugs please feel free to open a thread on wordpress.org OR use the contact form on this website.

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