Jan 31

SPD Shortcode Slider

I needed a slider that would require little maintenance or upkeep and could be added easily into client’s themes. Building a slider using featured images and generated by queries allows the slider to be updated automatically when new content hits the website (instead of the client having to also update slides independently).

I also wanted the slideshows to be controlled by shortcodes only – that way I would not have to check BOTH the options and the shortcodes to see what layouts or queries were being used – I would only need to check the template tag in whatever template I was editing. This also allows each slider instance to be independent – ( and does not require any options to be saved or tables built).

I also wanted a slider that supported custom post types, page excerpts, using featured images, and having the option of using media setting image sizes OR creating my own custom image sizes. Depending on the themes complexity or client needs there are pluses to both. (A client may want to be able to set the image sizes through their media settings, or they may have so many image sizes they need another custom one)

For Demo please see demo page here.

You can find the plugin here.

If you notice any issues or bugs please feel free to open a thread on wordpress.org OR use the contact form on this website.

Dec 16


Full Cal PDF













Sep 29

Fresh Home Blog Design Makes Thesis Showcase!

Ironically – I only noticed AFTER the site had been scrapped in favor of incorporating the blog into the larger magazine site – but still  pretty awesome! :)

Sep 13

Colors from Summer

Aug 29

Goodbye Irene!

Our thoughts are with those who are experiencing flood damage from Irene – it especially hit Delaware County – We hope friends and family stay safe!

Aug 25

Basket illustration

Aug 25

Iceland, 2008

Feb 25

New Facebook Page Features

Facebook is in the process of unveiling their newly updated Facebook pages and if you are an organization, farm or brand using a Facebook page you should be pretty excited. We are!

The new feature “use Facebook as” gives you the ability to like and comment on other organization’s pages. However, it does not allow you to talk on your fan’s personal pages. This is a great improvement and makes interacting on Facebook an effective way of introducing your page through interactions, comments and likes.

This is especially powerful for small boutique brands and farms. I had been recommending that farmers use their personal pages to network but now with the new features you can extend your brand off your page and join the conversation. This makes Facebook pages more like twitter and can make finding like-minded fans and potential customers and clients easier.

There are some complaints of coarse, and unfortunately Facebook, takes a while to address these issues but I think the future of the webpage might be in a Facebook page where content is ever-changing and less concrete.

With new and more reliable shopping cart functions, selling on your Facebook page could become the next step. All very exciting, and if your business does not have a Facebook page. Why are you waiting? Do it!

Some more social media tips for farmers and small brands!

Dec 19

Our recipe is included in Silvana Nardone’s cookie countdown!

When Silvana Nardone asked us to be part of her cookie countdown give-away we were so honored. As a client of Sheepdog Print and Design, LLC we have had the pleasure of getting to know Silvana but we also admire her message so much. Gluten free cooking is an issue that hits close to home, as two of our family members have an allergy to gluten. Food allergies can be especially stressful during the holidays but there are so many many wonderful recipes in her cookie count down you will surely be inspired! We shared some of our thoughts on the holidays and gluten free baking below! Also, if you leave a comment on the post you get a chance to win an original print of one of Ulla’s photos!

Our family celebrates an Icelandic version of Christmas – so we open our presents on Christmas eve after a large traditional dinner. I can remember as children spending the last moments of anticipation impatiently arranging what seemed like an endless amount of my mother’s cookies onto platters as after dinner coffee brewed.

Last year we had two family members who had recently discovered that gluten made them sick. My mother (who is a gifted cook and baker) made some gluten-free options which to be honest were just not as wonderful as her traditional cookies spread – and I know that even though no one in the family minded (we also always have fruit, nuts and chocolate as well ) There was something sad about the forlorn cracker like gluten free attempts left on peoples napkins.

When Silvana kindly offered to have us submit a gluten-free cookie, we were honored (albeit a bit overwhelmed to be included in the prestigious company) but I was was so excited that there would be 31 gluten-free cookies to help make every-one’s holidays (whether gluten free or not) tastier and easier to share. Ulla’s recipe that we choose to share is much like her cooking in general unfussy, elegant and really pretty. Although that could be her photography.

Ulla: Since going gluten free, I have found that baking can be fun and delicious.These shortbread cookies are extremely easy, and I love fruits like berries–so this combination is one of my favorites. In the summer I make these with a fresh red currant glaze. In the winter, I like to use my mom’s jams. These cookies are great for entertaining and again, so simple to make.
Melkorka is actually a talented baker and it makes sense, she went to architecture school and is good at building things. I cooked her a birthday dinner just the other week where I boiled lobster and she made this amazing gluten free walnut cake with mocha icing. It fantastic!

Oct 28

Social Media at Its Best

This moving video captures the power for community online and off.

Embrace your talents and yourself. There is a community out there to support you.

And it does get better, you might even end up owning your own design company in NYC!